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About Local-say

Local-Say is an online community devoted to rediscovering the essence of travel.

In our opinion, travelling is not just about having been to a place. Instead, we believe that the process should be a more authentic, unique and memorable personal experience; so that wherever you go, you are able to see your destination through the eyes of a local who knows its secret corners and hidden gems.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast, an amateur gourmet, a culture addict or just a visitor looking to find a local who speaks your language, it is our mission to unite travellers with local experts based upon the interests which they share.

Our community allows visitors to book authentic local experiences with those who know their destination the best- the people who live there.

We are not a traditional agency; in order to allow our visitors to access the best local experiences, bookings take place directly between the traveller and the guide who will host their tour. This way, our local experts are able to handcraft truly unique tours which can be adapted to fit the specific personal requirements of each visitor who books them.

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