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At Local-say, we believe that human connection is key to achieving any real travelling experience. And we think that supporting our LEG’s on their mission to provide a taste of local life is the best way to build the Local-say travel revolution.Thus, the LEG centre is here to provide everything which you'll need to become a successful Local Experience Guru.

LEG /leg/ noun
Short form of Local Experience Guru. A local resident skilled in certain aspect in their local community.

Why become an LEG?

1. Spread diversity and join the cultural revolution

Become part of a movement preserving authentic travel. Help us to sustain interconnectivity and enhance cultural understanding through the diffusion of LEG knowledge within our growing community.

2. Benefit from sharing your local expertise

Enjoy the rewards of becoming an LEG which accompany increasing cultural awareness. Receive payment for offering to share your unique skillset with a host of eager travellers waiting to discover your city.

3. The experience is yours to control

As the LEG, you know your area best- so you are completely in charge. Select the length, price and form of each unique tour to craft an exclusive local experience which works around you.

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