Who can become an LEG?

Almost anybody! Provided that you are 18 years of age and a registered Local-say user, you are qualified to host an experience.

If you haven't yet, you can signup here: Signup to Local-say

What kind of experience is suitable to host?

Any cultural subject which you are passionate about! At Local-say, we believe that authentic travel is about experiencing more than the familiar sites listed in every guidebook. Whether it’s food, fashion, art, theatre, music or another theme entirely, there are visitors waiting to explore the city and share in your local expertise. We do not impose any restrictions upon experiences- as the local you know the area best, so you are in complete control.

Where should the experience take place?

Anywhere within the city! Currently, Local-say is available in London, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong- however, you can expect to see more and more cities included as we continue to grow. Want to recommend your city as a future Local-say destination? Get in touch via twitter, or leave us some feedback - we’d love to hear from you!

Can I host an experience in a language other than English?

Yes; we believe that authentic travel should be accessible to everyone, and encourage listings which are as diverse in nature as the experiences which are on offer! Just make sure that your visitors have been fully informed of the language in which your unique experience will be presented.


How will visitors book my experience?

A booking begins as soon as a visitor registers their interest in sharing your experience! This will include an intended date, and sometimes a few additional queries too. Following this initial contact, the power is in your hands to Accept, Cancel or contact the visitor regarding their request.

What is the best way to communicate with visitors?

We think that regular communication is a really important part of sharing a genuine travel experience with your visitors, allowing you to build a relationship before meeting. This will not only relieve stress by ensuring that all details of your upcoming visit are confirmed, but also make the experience itself more enjoyable as you’ll already know a little about one another! We suggest using the secure Local-say messaging system to communicate, and advise exchanging numbers once all details of the booking have been confirmed.

Can I decline a visitors booking?

Yes; as the leader of your experience you are in control.

Which details should I confirm beforehand?

We aspire to create real travel experiences which are thrilling and stress-free for both our LEG’s and our visitors. To achieve this, we recommend confirming practical details in advance. Remember, visitors may be completely new to your city- so be specific when naming meeting places and providing travel instructions (for example by giving route names and numbers for public transport) to make their trip not only authentic, but relaxing too!

How do I cancel or adjust an experience which has been booked?

We know that sometimes plans have to be amended; so both you and your visitors can easily change or cancel an existing booking via the Local-say messaging system.


How do I post an experience?

Having registered as a Local-say user, you are able to get started and post an experience immediately! Fill out all of the required information about your unique offer and it will be available to potential visitors instantly.

How can I edit my experience listing?

Editing a listing is easy- simply log onto your Local-say account and select the post which you’d like to adjust. You can use the same process to remove an experience which you no longer desire to offer.

How can I attract visitors to view my listing?

We know that all of the experiences on offer are fantastic, but sometimes when browsing visitors need a little encouragement to engage with a listing. The best way to attract potential travellers is to create an appealing post. A listing which reflects your passion for the experience will make visitors want to share in it too!

I’ve forgotten my password/username, what should I do?

Simply select ‘forgotten password’ when logging in and an email will arrive in your inbox with a few quick steps describing how to reset your details.


How much should I charge?

The price which you charge for your experience is completely up to you!

How does the payment process work?

Local-say is a peer-to-peer marketplace, and in its current early stage payment is carried out directly between the visitor and the LEG hosting their experience. But in the future, we hope to introduce a payment system on the platform itself to make transactions even easier!

Does Local-say charge a fee to list an experience?

As Local-say are currently in the beta stage of our business, posting a listing is free. However as our community grows and becomes more established, a booking fee may be introduced.

Any Feedback or Questions?

You can leave feedback with the popup box at the lower right, or we will get back with your request.
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