What is your Local Footing?

One is considered a true local only when deeply connected to a particular place. To celebrate your local status, share photos of your unique local footing and become a part of our travel revolution. What is Local Footing about?

Whether you’re an established local or a wandering explorer, snap yourself standing in your favourite spot and upload the image to our web app on the Local-Say site.

After choosing a motto which matches your passion for this special destination, our photo editor will generate a unique image celebrating this authentic connection for you to share.

Why specify photos of oneself standing? In this stance, there is a point of continual physical connection between any traveller and their destination. Fittingly, the expert guides in our movement are also called Local Experience Guru’s, or LEG’s for short. These photos allow us to celebrate both meaningful travelling experiences and the members of our movement which make them possible. Want to know how Local-Say are rediscovering the essence of travel? Click here.

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